Our ‘Mantra’ For Creative Spaces

In 5 years of experience (since 2014) managing hackerspace that later transforms into co-working space and maker space, we find that Coworking Space’s market straddles those of private space rental and cafe-with-wifi, and in Indonesia’s unique case : dorm-room office. We conclude that coworking space users attracted to the “4C Factors”
  • Character

    It’s the answer to “what this place is?” question, we have to be clear with what market we’re trying to cater and what kind of personality we’re trying to express, and NOT trying to please everyone

  • Community & Personality

    Co-working space is essentially a public space, so people come to meet other people, not just empty space. So it’s important to have some kind of resident community and personality. It’s also important for the management and crews to be approachable and personable

  • Content

    People wants to be empowered and enriched in their professional lives, so they’ll look for that in a workplace. Co-working space need to provide regular skill/knowledge development sessions, be it sharing sessions, seminars, workshops, regular classes, etc.

  • Competence of Management

    All of the factors above can only be created and sustained by a competent, agile and solid management

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